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Frequently Asked Questions:

Thank you for your interest in printing your ARTKIVE! If you have any questions that we haven’t answered here, please feel free to email us at any time - help@artkiveapp.com

How do I create a book?

Ordering a book couldn’t be easier because we do almost all the work for you. That’s one of the great things about using Artkive. Choose an album, hit print, type in a title for the book, choose a cover image, enter your payment and billing/shipping info, and you’re done! It will be the fastest and best looking book you’ve ever created.

How do I lay out the book?

As we said, we do the work for you. Each page has 1 image on it and includes the title of the image (if you put one), the child’s name, grade, and date created. A sample of what a page in your book will look like is on the right.

How do I choose the image for the book cover?

In step 1 of printing, you’ll see a gray box to tap. Hit this once and wait a few seconds for it to load all of your images. You can choose a cover image from ANY of your Albums – not just the one you’re printing.

How do I print a book if I don’t want to print every image I have stored in my child’s Artkive?

You’ll see in the ‘ALBUM’ section that you can create a new album. Once created, you can add any images you want to that album from your other main Artkives where you have pictures stored. When you add pictures this way to a new album, they are stored (and will be printed) in the order you select them – you’ll see them numbered as you select. However, if you want to put them in date order after you’ve chosen your images, just hit the ‘Edit’ button in your album and at the top you’ll find a button where you can sort by date.

What size are the books?

At this time you may choose from two options: 8x8 or 8.5x11

Are the books hard or soft cover?

All books are hard cover. You can see samples of both sizes to the right and at our sample books page

Is there a minimum and maximum number of pages I can have in my book?

Yes, you must have at least 20 images in your album but can’t print more than 140 in one book. If you'd like to print out a book more than 140 pages, we can do that for you. Please email us at help@artkiveapp.com.

How much do books cost?

Our pricing is based on the range of pages you wish to print:

First 20 pages (images):
8x8 - $25
8.5x11 - $27.50

$1/page (image) thereafter with a $100 max price for the 8x8 and a $102.50 max price for the 8.5x11.

For a 140 page book, the last 45 pages are FREE!

How long will it take to get my book after I order it?

We take approximately 3 business days to process and print your book before we ship it out. We ship via UPS Ground, which generally takes 2-5 days, unless you chose expedited shipping (3 day and 1 day available).

Can I turn my Artkive images into other products or just books?

Right now we are only offering book printing, but additional products (i.e. mugs, calendars, etc.) will be available down the road.

Sample Books Above
Sample Page Layouts Below